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digital silk route

One thought came to mind that the work I do is more or less similar to building a silk road[1], which allowed ideas, culture, goods to be easily exchanged between east and west and created wealth. Similarly iPod and iPhones are like a tool much like the routes, allowing music, videos, books and applications to be used by millions of people. I think the real value is created by the people who use the tools to make something on top of. 

I guess in this context the apple’s mission makes perfect sense, 

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silk_Road

[2] image @drvik


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Jack Dorsey in his interview with Charlie Rose[1] makes an interesting point about ‘constraints’. Twitter with a constraint of 140 characters and Instagram with a constraint of a small square, makes them both intuitive to use and successful.

I think having one such constraint in product development at an early stage, changes the perspective on how we design it. For example, I work on iPods and one big constraint we have face is small battery. This leads to interesting engineering work to overcome the constraint of battery size, and forces us remove unimportant features. I guess this could be generalized to other things. For example, don’t start with assumption that we have access to all the resources. Instead have a constraint on one or two key element and then try to build something. Having a contraint would force us to think differently and focus on solving the important problem. 

[1] http://www.charlierose.com/view/interview/12322

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how to fix a bug

1. Reproduce the issue and see in detail what could be causing it. 

2. Find a root cause based on the logs or the behavior. 

3. Make a compelling theory on why it behaves wrongly. 

4. Now prove the theory, try to find as many holes as possible in it. Don’t ever get too much attached to the initial theory. Also if possible get a second opinion which greatly helps. 

5. If theory matches the observation then create a fix to verify the issue, else go to step 2 and start again. 

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Angry birds was Rovio’s 52nd game, Draw Something was OMGPOP’s 35th game.

The myth of overnight sensation. 

[1] http://cdixon.org/2012/03/16/the-myth-of-the-overnight-success/

[2] http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/26/technology/draw-something-changes-the-game-quickly-for-omgpop.html?_r=1&ref=technology

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Started a volunteer position at Computer history museum today. At first will under go  training to better understand the Revolution exhibits, and also will learn how to tell good stories to the visitors. It should be an interesting experience, more about it in future. 

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One thing I love about valley is how quickly a good idea gets a traction and then scales to millions of users. I think the main reason behind this is that valley has a strong ecosystem of talent, vcs and a market where people are willing to try new ideas.

The startups such as twitter, facebook, square, google are beneficiary of being formed in valley. They didn’t have to worry about making money from the beginning and they got access to world class talent who took the initial idea to the next level. Another such recent example is “Udacity” – an open university crated to teach university level engineering education to anyone in the world, started by ex. Stanford professor Sebastian Thrun. The basic idea behind this model was validated in Khan academy and also in three online classes offered by Stanford in Fall 11. Udacity is now taking this idea to next level, where they are planning to offer entire CS education, taught by world class instructors to the world in an university format. This is a significant feat and is only possible in such short period because it got access to best resources which valley provides. Also since no other university outside US is able to replicate this model till now, which shows why US has such lead in higher education and technology space.  

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First year

Time 8.30 AM in office:

Completed one year working at Apple today. I think the most amazing thing about working at Apple is the people, they inspire me everyday to wake up early and come to work. Personally I learned a lot about embedded systems, and worked on very interesting projects. Also had first hand experience on the Apple way of designing products and making decisions, which is different from few places I’ve been earlier. 

Things to do for next coming years – be better at the job and be more productive; release products which I would be proud to tell everyone about. 

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