1. Reproduce the issue and see in detail what could be causing it. 

2. Find a root cause based on the logs or the behavior. 

3. Make a compelling theory on why it behaves wrongly. 

4. Now prove the theory, try to find as many holes as possible in it. Don’t ever get too much attached to the initial theory. Also if possible get a second opinion which greatly helps. 

5. If theory matches the observation then create a fix to verify the issue, else go to step 2 and start again. 


I just won a lottery for Half dome, I tweeted and could see in real time who else is talking about it on twitter. This is what I call social web.

Beautiful short film about small kid Cain making an arcade based off cardboard.

Excellent comment on HN by edw519 (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3829882), 

This one had everything:

  – Build something you want.

  – Build something other people would want.

  – Turn your passion into a business.

  – If you need it, build it. (Love the S-hook idea!)

  – Offer street level appeal.

  – Tiered pricing. (Love the fun pass!)

  – Instant rewards. (Tickets through slot.)

  – Organic growth: more games.

  – Secure technology (calculators).

  – Turn customers into raving evangelists.

  – Leverage others’ technology (Facebook, Reddit).

  – Company t-shirt.

  – Bootstrapped with friends & family.

  – Have a customer write a song about you!

The future of publishing, truth upside down. Very creatively conveyed the message. 

Brilliant econ posters from the readers of Planet money podcast on npr. The opportunity cost poster by Shiraz Ahmed succinctly captures the process of deciding we go through in our life to choose between the red or blue pill. I want to create similar poster for two economic concepts which I love to think about, ‘decreasing marginal utility’ and ‘sustainable competitive advantage’. Something to exercise creative brain cells.  

Today I went to AMC Cupertino to watch Hugo 3D before they take it out from screening. Apparently I was only in the audience! it was bit weird at first, but hey how many times you get a chance in life to watch a movie alone? The movie was beautifully crafted, a wonderful story of movies told through a movie. The 3D effect was very subtle unlike recent movies where the effect is added only to sell overpriced tickets. 


“If we’re going to get this country out of its current energy situation, we can’t just conserve our way out. We can’t just drill our way out. We can’t bomb our way out. We’re going to do it the old-fashioned, American way. We’re going to invent our way out, working together.”
Inspiring talk by Prof. Don Sadoway on solving Renewable energy problem via making liquid batteries.